Analysis and comment on Passivhaus, low-energy retrofit, electric vehicles and energy transition

Posted by Es Tresidder on December 13, 2020

Super-insulating a suspended floor

As I write this my feet and legs feel chilly, despite the cosy slippers and the radiator a metre behind me being so hot that I cannot hold a bare hand to it for more than a second or so. It’s cold and windy outside today and the floorboards and carpet that are the sum

Posted by Es Tresidder on October 28, 2020

Ventilation in schools and workplaces during a global pandemic

This blog is a bit of a departure for me, a change from previous blogs that have all been about homes.   I’ve come to this issue because of my involvement, through my kids, with schools – seeing what their school is doing with regards to ventilation to try and make school safer during the

Posted by Es Tresidder on July 19, 2020

What to do with the walls?

Five minute read.   Our house is like many houses in Scotland; from the outside the walls look like white-rendered masonry walls. But in fact the rendered concrete is primarily a weather screen – the roof and floors are held up by a timber frame. There is a ventilated cavity between the timber frame and

Posted by Es Tresidder on July 13, 2020

How much does mass matter?

Talking to people about low-energy buildings, I’m often struck by how the conversation frequently swings to thermal mass as a way to reduce heating demand. To my mind this focus in the general public’s perception is out of all proportion to the ability of thermal mass to reduce heating demand; the key performance indicator for

Posted by Es Tresidder on July 7, 2020

What are we starting with?

Five minute read.   The plan for our house is to retrofit it to meet the rigorous EnerPHit standard, the Passivhaus standard for existing properties. But before starting that it’s important to have a good idea of how the home works (or doesn’t work!) at the moment, so as to understand what will be needed

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